OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS participated in MUSCLE Inc.'s FLEX 2001 CAR SHOW held at Sedgwick County Park on Sunday afternoon, 9/9/01.  We would like to thank Kevin Williams and his staff for a very well run show, and for arranging such a beautiful day!

OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS gave prizes to all car show entrants.  They included key chains, koozies, mugs, hats and shirts.  Members of Maximum Altitude helped with our display and prize giveaway.



John and Joanne's '89 Chevy Blazer sits on

 15" of lift and 44' Bogger tires.

(John, he's one of Walt's buddies!)

Walt's Chevy Blazer sports 13" of lift,

 35" Bogger tires, cowl induction hood,

 and multiple shocks.



Jason Redmer's Crew Cab Chevy is a rare one.

(He's one of Walt's buddies, too)


Jim Brown's '99 TJ Wrangler was the

 best looking Jeep at the show.