'78 Jeep CJ-7 Rebuild


This virtually restored 1978 Jeep CJ-7 Renegade belongs to Harry Grable. 

 It currently resides in Washington State.  Mr. Grable was an Air Force pilot stationed at McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kansas.  This Jeep had sentimental value, and need to be "freshened up".  

You all know how one thing leads to another ....

It all started with needing a clutch and a transmission popping out of gear. 

Well, as long as it's here, it needed shocks, too.  How about a new suspension?  It comes with shocks.


 And a cage kit for more protection?  Sure!

To install the cage kit we needed to remove the interior.  The carpet was glued down, took a grinder and several hours to clean out.

Hard top & doors off, interior out, paint job soon?  Why not take the body tub off, repair some rust spots, then repaint it top to bottom?

And that it how this restoration started!

The complete body was removed and taken to AutoTech. 


 The drivetrain was pulled out, transmission sent out to be rebuilt. 


Frame and axles were cleaned up, painted gloss black.

Here the engine, transmission and transfer case are reinstalled.


Rebuilt T-150 3 speed transmission, new clutch assembly.


A Rancho 2.5" Suspension was installed to replace the over 25 year old springs and shocks.


The freshly painted body tub is set on the frame and bolted into place.

Cage kit welded into place, painted to match.

All interior areas were spray lined.

The original tailgate fits into place

 on the new steel body tub.

With the mechanical reassembly completed, the Jeep is

 moved into our main building for final assembly.

Bestop Trailmax seats round out

 the interior.

Engine wiring complete, we are

 ready to fire it up!

Nearly finished, the new Rancho

 2 1/2" suspension sets it up nicely.

A Tuffy Security Deluxe Stereo Console is bolted down between the new seats.

The original tow bar has been repainted.  Custom attaching points have

 been fabricated to fit between the Smittybilt double tube bumper's tubes.

Now nearly complete, the CJ-7 is ready for it's paint to be buffed out and minor touch up work.

The parts and labor for this nearly complete restoration were provided by OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS of Wichita, Kansas.


Restoring your own Jeep?

OFF-ROAD can provide you with most all the restoration parts, accessories and even the labor to complete your project!

All accessories and installation services on this vehicle are available from:

of Wichita, Kansas.

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