1985 Jeep CJ-7 from Rose Hill, Kansas

I married a jeep and got a wife!

She got a new car, and the Jeep became "mine"!  The first thing to go was that "girly" four-banger and a "manly" 258 six cylinder sporting a Offenhouser manifold and Webber carb was dropped in.  A T-5 tranny replaced the SR-4.  Our first child was excuse enough for that front cage I wanted.  

Of course, the suspension was stock height, so add-a-leaf kits were installed.  The ride was not good enough, so a 2.5" Rancho Suspension replaced the add-a-leafs, along with 1/2 confer heavy shackles.  With the extra room from the lift we just had to put new 32x11.50 Sport King tires.

While upgrading the suspension,  Rancho RS9000 adjustable shocks and a Rancho steering stabilizer seemed reasonable.


Smittybuilt tube bumpers were added at both ends, along with 4 6-inch lights  and a pair of Bosch driving lights. 

The seats were original.  Can't leave that alone, now can we?  Bestop Trailmax seats replaced them!


All those improvements would be better appreciated with music, right?  And that new stereo needed a Tuffy Security center console to protect it!

So ..., the little ol' Jeep I got hitched to has become a respectable ride, ready for trail or street.  The wife?  She actually still drives it.  I even get to drive it, too, when she lets me.  Our boys?  They will be driving someday ...


Better get those Eagle Alloy wheels on, first, then ........


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